What we do

Chessboard recognition and digitization (OCR)
Chess position analysis (Stockfish based)
Chess clock
Search the given position in a database of 6M positions
Live streaming of top games with powerful analysis
Sharing chess position (FEN format)
Playing Chess with computer


Key features

project 1

Scan board using powerful OCR

Using OCR (optical character recognition) technology Chessify scans and digitizes chess diagrams, making it the most accurate chessboard scanner available!



Analyze chess position locally without any connection to the internet. Possibility to use any of the installed engines for your analysis.

Using strongest chess engines like Stockfish 8, analyze chess position in 10 seconds with about 30.000 kN/s engine speed.

Live Stream

Follow top chess games with live analysis. The strongest analysis in the world with more than 30 depth right there in your application!

Cloud Service

Revolutionary cloud server designed by chess enthusiasts for chess professionals


The world's most advanced technologies
aligned to the needs
of chess players.


Faster than:
Regular laptop: 40x
Home server: 8x


Flexible payment system

$10 sign up bonus

Starter Basic Pro
Speed (kN/s) 12.000 30.000 80.000
Price per hour $1.2 $2.4 per request
Price per minute $0.03 $0.06 per request
Shared N/A $0.01 N/A


Fengine is something new in the chess sphere. Unlike most chess engines, it uses Deep Learning algorithms based on Neural Networks technology to analyze "position of chess diagram". Fengine is self-learning and trained so that playing with it makes you feel like you are playing with a human.

In this video the Fengine (white) plays another strong chess engine (black).

Grandmasters about us

Zaven Andriasian

“This new solution has essentially helped me prepare for the tournament, noting opponent peculiarities for each game. Its extreme usefulness became obvious in October 2016 during Corsica Tournament and in January 2017 during Armenian Chess Championship. I always can rely on its high quality service. Chessify is an irreplaceable solution for high-class GMs.”

Arman Pashikian

“Chessify cloud service is a groundbreaking solution allowing access to a powerful system from any part of the world! No need for high-speed internet connection is an important advantage of the solution as quality connectivity is not always available during tournaments. Chessify provides uninterrupted work sessions even in the countries with limited internet access, making it especially valuable to me.”


"I have scanned thousands of positions with this app. It would seem to be 99.9% accurate with many different formats to scan. I use this to transfer positions from one app to another. Works great!"

client 1 Stephen TurmoUser

“Envy of all other os users, this app is the best thing that happened to chess players using Android platform in recent times imho! Works beautifully. Thank you team fimetech! Please never abandon this app!”

client 2 Muhammad Yahya CheemaUser

“A chessic Swiss knife. Lot’s of useful tools in a single app. Ideal companion for chess studies: when reading a book, you can use it, for example, to follow analysis and variations, get computer evaluations, scan key positions from printed diagrams, and play them against the computer. Really cool!!”

client 3 Giovanni PieriUser

Our ratings

  • Control: 4,4  

  • Graphics: 4,5  

  • Gameplay: 4,5  



Play with Computer

Play with the strongest chess engines right from the diagram you've already scanned.

Search in huge database

Search for the chess position in a huge database of more than 6 million chess positions.

Save Position

Scan and save useful positions for further analysis and investigation.

Chess Clock

Keep the simple chess clock in your pocket wherever you go.

Parental Control

Use parental control to forbid analysis if needed.


Share the chess position (FEN format) with other chess applications.

Future plans

3D Recognition

The real chess board scanner is a result of our latest research in a field of Artificial Intelligence. Powerful 3D recognition software was created using state-of-art technologies of Deep Learning. It provides users ability to scan real chess board and get the digitised board on their phone. Using our advanced tool during chess tournaments will make possible to follow the game and livestream analysis simultaneously. Being first in it’s field 3D chess board scanner is going to be one of the strongest and useful tools in the world!

Contact Us

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+374 55 310 797