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ChessAI Buddy:

AI-fueled Chess GPT

AI-fueled Chess GPT

Coming soon a new groundbreaking feature with chess-enhanced GPT!
Advance in your game with AI-infused, in-depth chess instructions, recommendations, and insights that stem from Chessify's biggest online chess game database and powerful cloud engine analysis.
Stay tuned for more news!

ChessAI Buddy Features

How ChessAI Buddy can help amateur chess players

diamond Q&A sessions on chess

chart analysis Prompted conversations

Unique learning Unique learning and training experience

binocular Insights about chess positions

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Fabiano Caruana

US No 1, World No 2, All-time No 3

Top-level chess demands utilizing every possible advantage, and Chessify delivers the fastest cloud engines in the chess world...

Anish Giri

Super GM, Dutch No1

Chessify is the perfect option if you want to be able to work with the strongest chess engines, have premium service, and don't like settling for the second-best...

Levon Aronian

4th Highest-Rated GM in history

I can confidently say that Chessify is one of the tools that revived my career after a rough patch. I use their servers every day and enjoy playing around with different setups...