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How to Install & Use Chessify Cloud Engines & Servers on ChessBase

Apart from the Chessify web platform, which you can access from everywhere via a web browser, you can also use your favorite third-party GUI programs, like ChessBase or SCID, to analyze with our engines/servers. Download the Chessify plugin and follow the video instructions or the steps described below to install it on your computer.


Download ChessBase Plugin


Install Chessify plugin and add the engines to ChessBase 

1. Click on the button called "ChessBase Plugin" from the top of the page

2. Accept the "terms of use" and install the plugin on your computer

3. Open a board from ChessBase

4. Select "Create UCI engine" from the "Home" section

5. Click on the three dots from the top right corner

6. Go to your "Documents" from the opened window

7. Choose one of the Chessify engines (e.g. Chessify Cloud Stockfish)

8. Perform the 4-7 steps for all the engines you’re planning to use, once per engine


Sign in and choose a package

1. Click on "Add Kibitzer" from the same "Home" section on ChessBase

2. Select the Chessify engine you want to analyze with

3. Choose "sign up" below the password field (enter your username and password if you already have an account on Chessify)

4. Fill in your email, username, and password to create an account

5. Select one of our cloud packages (you'll be directed to the chessify.me website)

6. Log in to your Chessify account

7. Select the needed package

8. Enter your payment card details and click on "Pay." A corresponding number of coins will be added to your balance immediately. You'll be able to see them near your username.


Rent the Chessify servers/engines on ChessBase

1. Go back to your ChessBase board and open the Chessify

2. Rent a server for the chosen engine

3. Connecting to a server may take a quick minute or two, during which you’ll be given free Stockfish analysis on a 10,000kN/s server.

4. Rent as many engines as you need

5. Your coins will be deducted once you see the "You have rented xxx kN/s cloud server running 'Engine name'" message on the window of the rented engine.


Stop a server

1. Open the Chessify engine window

2. Click on the button "Stop Server"

3. Close the window

4. Close the engine tab too


The top section of your Chessify profile will show your training statistics and remaining coins. Please make sure you register with a valid email address. We'll send you a note via email three days prior to your subscription’s or package's expiration date.


Important to know: The coin packages are not automatically renewed and are valid for 6 months. If you want to keep your unused coins or buy a new package, please visit our pricing page and either subscribe to one of the plans or buy coins starting from $5 to extend the validity of your package. The standard and combo subscription plans, on the other hand, renew automatically until canceled. Please learn more about our plan options here.


For inquiries and suggestions, please write to us at support@chessify.me or join our Discord channel. We'll be glad to assist you with any questions.


Download ChessBase Plugin


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