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We founded Chessify with a mission - to help the chess world fully harness the power of modern technology.

Back in 2016, we were a group of IT specialists who happened to have many childhood chess friends. Thanks to them, we had good connections with different pro players and grandmasters who would occasionally join us for our weekly football (soccer) matches.

Throughout the years of spending time with chess players, we have often helped them with various technical questions related to their training. One thing that always surprised us was the frequency at which our friend GMs needed to buy new hardware. We wondered why exactly they needed such expensive computers. As it turned out, the programs and engines that players used for their training required significant system resources.

In the age of cloud computing, buying an expensive computer every 3-4 years did not seem an optimal solution to us. After some discussion with our chess friends, we decided to create an online platform that would allow them to run the existing chess engines on powerful cloud servers and avoid overloading their computers. Our friend GMs quickly grew fond of the platform; it saved them a lot of time since the cloud servers were much faster than their home computers, and it required much less investment.

Soon Chessify's cloud analysis service started to grab the attention of the international chess audience as well. Our team got invested in the idea and started to optimize the platform to meet the needs of chess professionals. Within a few years, Chessify grew into one of the most powerful cloud services in the chess market. More than 2000 professionals use Chessify today for their daily training. With 3 of the World's strongest grandmasters, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and Levon Aronian, as our ambassadors, we are steadily moving forward to make chess training ever productive.

33 000+ PRO Users

ranked 1900+ use our platform

1 Billion NPS

сloud server available for all

300+ GMs

including Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and Levon Aronian

The Chessify startup was founded with a mission to provide equal technological opportunities to all chess players.
— Chessify Team


Until quite recently, success in chess depended mainly on talent and hard work. At the turn of the 20th century, when a computer proved capable of beating the best human player, technology became an equally important factor. It has contributed to the advancement of chess theory enormously and increased the overall level of pre-game preparation.

With the integration of computers into chess training, however, the effectiveness of a player’s home preparation, and therefore tournament performance, became dependent on the power of their computer. Consequently, the monetary aspect started to impact players’ success in tournaments creating an opportunity gap between very few grandmasters able to afford expensive hardware and the majority of the chess field.

Our mission has been to equalize the technological aspect of chess players’ success. With Chessify’s cloud platform, every chess player, whether an amateur or a professional, can access powerful chess analysis at a highly affordable price. The cost of Chessify’s lowest speed server (100,000 kN/s) would be $1000 per month for an individual user, while we provide it only for $35. Our cloud servers not only increase the chess analysis speed by dozens of times, but they also use zero resources from the players' computers, which means they no longer need to invest in expensive hardware.

Cloud service

Cloud analysis is a relatively new phenomenon in the chess world. For the most part, chess players have used their local home computers and laptops to analyze with different chess engines like Stockfish, Houdini, Leela Chess Zero, etc. Chessify’s cloud service provides various speed servers for these engines helping players get more accurate analysis results in a much shorter time. Chessify provides up to 1 Billion NPS cloud servers, which is the highest speed available in the chess market ever.

Mobile app

The Chessify mobile application is best known for its scanner, which allows chess amateurs and professionals to take a photo of a chessboard and digitize it. Alongside diagrams from books or digital sources, Chessify’s scanner also works on a real chessboard, which makes it unprecedented in the chess world.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our app users with a unique chess toolset. One of our most popular features is the video search tool, which can find videos based on the given position.

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