chessify server

Cloud Service

  • Get a super-fast cloud to analyze chess positions.
  • On average 10X faster than a home computer.
  • Save time and money with the most flexible payment options.
chessboard detection

Chessboard Scanner

  • Scan the chessboard diagram with your mobile app.
  • Play or analyze the game on the go.
  • Enjoy a fresh new chess experience.
AI Lab

Chessify AI Lab

  • Meet a scientific breakthrough in chess!
  • We are currently building self-learning human-style playing AI engine.
  • The future is here!


Grandmaster Testimonials

“ Chessify is an irreplaceable solution for high-class GMs. It helped me a lot during Corsica Tournament (Oct, 2016) and Armenian Chess Championship (Jan, 2017). ”

Zaven Andriasian

“ This groundbreaking solution allows access to powerful engine analysis from any part of the world! Chessify provides uninterrupted work sessions even in the countries with limited internet access, making it especially valuable to me. ”

Arman Pashikian