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  • Up to 1,000,000 kN/s speed analysis with Stockfish,
  • 100 kN/s GPU server for LCZero,
  • 9+ Million game database updated weekly,
  • and much more available from anywhere, anytime.

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Fabiano Caruana

Top-level chess demands utilizing every possible advantage, and Chessify delivers the fastest cloud engines in the chess world. My serious use of the platform began during the Superbet Chess Classic Romania in May 2023, a tournament I had the privilege to win. It was then that I realized the potential and power of the advanced analysis of Chessify. Its powerful cloud analyses ensure that my preparations are as precise and thorough as they can be.


Anish Giri

Chessify is the perfect option if you want to be able to work with the strongest chess engines, have premium service, and don't like settling for the second-best. I believe the Chessify Cloud service is great for professional or aspiring players as well as the chess fanatics eager to analyze with the hardware that only the very best allow themselves to use.


Levon Aronian

I can confidently say that Chessify is one of the tools that revived my career after a rough patch. I use their servers every day and enjoy playing around with different setups for Artificial intelligence engines. Knowing that the Chessify team is within a call or an email that gets answered immediately I can safely concentrate on my chess journey.

Trusted by
GM Anish Giri
GM Levon Aronian
GM Fabiano Caruana

How the Platform Works

Chessify Cloud service can be used on 3rd-party GUI chess programs, like ChessBase, Fritz, HIARCS and SCID.

Access all engines/servers and find your training statistics by signing in to your Chessify account.

Website Features

The ultimate chess training platform

diamond Top Engines

The latest versions of Stockfish (NNUE and traditional), Leela Chess Zero, and other engines available for your use.

chart analysis Free Analysis

Analyze at up to 1,000 kN/s speed with Stockfish, asmFish, SugaR, Koivisto, and Berserk for FREE when you register on Chessify.

cloud Cloud Servers

Fast & secure: up to 1 BN/s for Stockfish, 100 kN/s for LCZero, 130 MN/s for asmFish, SugaR AI, Koivisto, and Berserk.

binocular Online Database

Explore openings, find games, and prepare against any opponent with the biggest online chess database of over 9 Million games.

tablebase Endgame Tablebase

We use the 6-piece Syzygy tablebase to allow our engines find perfect play when there are up to 6 pieces on the chessboard.

cloud storage Cloud Storage

Save your games and analysis directly on our website to access them any time. We use only encrypted conections to keep your files safe and private.

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Join 300+ GMs on Chessify Cloud to level up your training. Analyze securely with user-dedicated cloud servers at up to 1 Billion NPS speed.

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