36 elo stronger Stockfish 15 is available on Chessify

Big news for Stockfish fans! Stockfish 15 has been launched today and is already available on Chessify. You may analyze with the new Stockfish version at up to 1,000,000 kN/s speed on chessify.me/analysis.

According to the official website, Stockfish 15 is 36 Elo points ahead of Stockfish 14. In testing matches against its predecessor, the new version of the engine wins 9 times more game pairs than it loses. In the current TCEC Season 22 superfinal, which started on April 5, Stockfish has won 16 game pairs and has not yet lost a single one.

The Stockfish team tested nearly 13000 different changes and retained the best 200. Some of the main changes include:

  • - the 4th generation of Stockfish NNUE network architecture
  • - various search improvements


You can read the official press release for Stockfish 15 here.

Try the new Stockfish 15 for free by creating an account on Chessify Cloud.

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