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Chessify Featured in the Latest Episode of Oracle for Startups

Oracle for Startups presents the success stories of entrepreneurs from around the globe. The episode published on April 19 features Chessify and the ways our startup levels up chess analysis for professional players. We present the podcast transcript below. 

The chess grandmasters do every bit as much training as athletes do, and now they have a secure and lightning-fast platform that helps prep them for their next match.

Hi, it's Mike Styles, and this is Meet the Startups brought to you by Oracle for Startups.

There's a new grandmaster in chess training technology – Chessify. The platform offers professional players a money- and time-saving way to analyze and prepare for upcoming matches. There is no updating of hardware required, and analyses are superior thanks to powerful cloud servers. As for speed, the challenges players used to run on their PCs are now 200 times faster. 

Now, naturally, no player wants their opponent to learn their new openings and other moves, so the platform is the only one that offers SSL security and no shared servers. That's part of why grandmasters make up some of the 300 professional users and 8000 registered users.

Chessify uses Oracle Cloud architecture to power the platform, and switching to it helped Chessify offer double the speeds it was getting from Google Cloud. But it got even faster reaching an unheard of 1-billion-positions-per-second level of calculation.

Chessify will use Oracle to roll out even more products to checkmate their competition, including chess trainer, which will allow analysis of match results and deliver a list of strengths and weaknesses.

Meet the Startups asked Chessify co-founder Gor Vardanyan how the Chessify Pro platform helps players to get to the top of their game.

"Chessify makes your preparation flawless. A minute spent on our Cloud Servers gives you the same accuracy of analysis as you would get on your computer after an hour. By spending only a quarter of the hardware price you will have 40 times better results all year long," Gor Vardanyan responded.

If your startup is playing the strategic long game, you'll want to know you have the technology to power your next move. Like Chessify, you might want to connect with Oracle for startups. Visit oracle.com/startup.

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