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Chessify Introduces a Subscription Model with Unlimited Cloud Analysis

You asked; we did it! A separate package with unlimited up to 100MN/s analysis is now available on Chessify as part of our new subscription plans.

Alongside the one-time payment packages, Chessify now offers three subscription plans, each of which enables the users to analyze on the up to 100MN/s free server without the limit of 10 minutes per move.

The first Basic package costs $34.99/month ($349.9 for a year) and offers unlimited access to the up to 100MN/s server for Stockfish, asmFish, and SugaR engines. The other two plans, Standard ($49.99) and Premium ($99.99) provide respectively 5,000 and 12,000 coins in addition to the 100MN/s unlimited analysis. The coins can be used to rent the paid servers and engines, such as up to 1BN/s Stockfish or 100 kN/s LCZero. In case a subscriber needs more coins during their subscription cycle, they can buy additional coins by signing into their account on Chessify.

One major advantage of the subscription model is that it eliminates the risk of coin expiration. Even if the payment for the next cycle is not made on time for some reason, the unused coins do not disappear. Instead, they get frozen and recovered once the payment gets processed. The payment, however, should be made within 15 days following the start of the new payment period; otherwise, the subscription will be canceled and the coins will not be recovered.

All subscription plans offer monthly and yearly payment options. Users are free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription at any time. Find all the information you need by visiting chessify.me/pricing.

For inquiries, please reach us at info@chessify.me.

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