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Chessify's Main Features Now Have Dedicated Links

Chessify is excited to announce a significant update that enhances user experience and sharing capabilities. All of our key features now have their own dedicated links, making it easier for you to share or follow links to specific functionalities like the chess database or cloud storage.


Here are all the new links alongside their related functionalities:

1. Online Chess Database and Opening References

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/chess-database

Feature description: An online chess games database with over 9 million master games and an opening explorer based on the database.


2. Lichess Database

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/lichess-database

Feature description: A chess database with several billion games and openings played on lichess.org. Find your online games and explore the most popular chess openings played on lichess.org.


3. ICCF Database

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/iccf-database

Feature description: The official database of the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) which includes over 2 Million high-quality correspondence chess games and automatic monthly updates.


4. Chess Video Search

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/video-search

Feature description: Allows searching with a chessboard instead of words and easily find YouTube videos that match your in-game chess positions.


5. Cloud Storage

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/cloud-storage

Feature description: A secure and easy way to manage your chess data: store and access your chess games and databases safely from any device.


6. Chess PDF Scanner

Link: https://chessify.me/analysis/chess-pdf-scanner

Feature description: Upload chess PDF files and convert book puzzles to digital format to analyze them with powerful engines like Stockfish 16 while reading.


Chessify also introduces a board-sharing link

Users can now copy the link of their current Chessify board, which includes the FEN of their position. Opening this link sets the position in the URL, enabling easy sharing of specific game states.

To access this feature, simply use the 'Copy Board Link' button located below the chessboard on our Analysis Dashboard.


Happy Chessing!

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