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FIDE and Chessify Partnered on the 44th Chess Olympiad to Power the Chess Game Analysis

From Jul 28 to Aug 10, all chess lovers were rooting for their home teams playing in the 44th Chess Olympiad held in Chennai. The whole world was following the event sitting in front of the screens, staring at the eval bars, analyzing the games with the help of engines, and celebrating their team's victories!

For this experience to be the most remarkable, Chessify, the No.1 cloud analysis provider, partnered with FIDE to power the top games with its fastest engines! This time, Chessify's 25000 kN/s Stockfish engine successfully analyzed the 44th Chess Olympiad games, as well as assisted in the live commentary analysis. Chessify also granted its powerful GM packages with unlimited analysis to the winning teams of both sections and all the players with the best individual board results.

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