Introducing Our New Combo Plans

We've recently added 3 new plans to our pricing. All of them are a combination of our standard subscription plans and coins. If you were buying these 2 products separately, then our new combo plans will be a good choice for you. But if you were using only one of these products, here are some reasons why you may consider switching to the new combo plans

First, let's start with a brief description of what subscription plans and coins provide you with.

Subscription plans

Subscription plans provide access to our website features, such as a 9 Million+ game database updated weekly, cloud storage for games, video search, as well as unlimited analysis with Stockfish and other engines.


Coins allow you to use higher-speed dedicated servers for analysis. If subscription plans give you access to up to 100 MN/s shared-speed analysis, then coins can be used to rent servers with a dedicated speed of up to 1,000 MN/s.

Our dedicated-speed servers can be used by one person at a time, which is why they are relatively more expensive and charge you coins per minute of use.

Why you need combo plans

1. Many professional chess players find that the most effective way of using Chessify is to analyze the full game with shared speed Stockfish, such as with the up to 100 MN/s server, and use the higher speed servers (e.g. 300 MN/s) for the more critical positions. With the combo plans, you get access to both subscription plans with unlimited shared-speed analysis and coins for the more powerful servers.

2. Combo plans give you access to all of our website features and speed servers. You can search our mega database, save your games in the cloud storage, analyze as much as you want, as well rent the most powerful servers when you need deeper analysis. 

3. Combo plans are much more affordable than buying coins and standard subscription plans separately. For example, the Amateur plan costs $8 per month, while 2000 coins cost $20. If you were to buy these 2 products separately, you would have to pay $28. With the new Amateur + 2000 coins combo plan, you can save $3 and get the 2 products for $25.

All combo plans are right below the standard subscriptions at Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

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