Top-tier chess engines Koivisto and Berserk are on Chessify

According to the Computer Chess Rating Lists (CCRL) of April 2022, Koivisto (3478) and Berserk (3465) are the 4th and 5th strongest engines in the world. We are happy to announce that the latest versions of both chess engines are now available on Chessify Pro!

Here's a little background information about the 2 engines.


Koivisto is an open-source chess engine that was first released in September 2020. The engine uses a neural network that has been trained on billions of chess positions.

The latest Koivisto 8.0 version was released in March 2022. The update featured 8 times larger network and improvements in search and time management.


Created in February 2021, Berserk is also an NNUE engine that has a unique style of play. Some chess players know the engine from Lichess, where they can play against it.

With an impressive 3465 rating, Berserk is the 5th highest rated chess engine in the world behind only Stockfish, Dragon by Komodo, Fat Fritz 2, and Koivisto. Chessify uses the latest Berserk 8.5.1 version which was released in January 2022.

Speed for Koivisto and Berserk 

For both engines, Chessify offers 4-speed servers: 1,000 kN/s, 10,000 kN/s, 25,000-100,000 kN/s shared speed servers, and 130,000 fixed-speed dedicated servers.

  • - All registered users with free accounts have access to the 1,000 kN/s speed server. You can register from here.
  • - 10,000 kN/s speed server is available for the subscribers of the Amateur Plan.
  • - 25,000-100,000 kN/s shared speed server is open to the Master Plan subscribers.
  • - 130,000 kN/s fixed-speed dedicated servers can be ordered only by coins and regardless of the subscription plan. You can get coins from here.


Please note: Koivisto and Berserk are available on the Chessify website but not in the Chessify Plugin. We're working to add the new engines into the plugin as well.

We hope you enjoy the new engines. Register on Chessify and start analyzing right away.

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