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Top 7 Chess Puzzles from the Games of GM Fabiano Caruana

In late August, following his Bronze medal win at the 2023 World Cup, GM Fabiano Caruana became the official brand ambassador for Chessify. Fabiano, who's a two-time US Champion and a World Championship contender, stands out as one of the most formidable grandmasters of not only his generation but in chess history overall. With a peak rating of 2844, he boasts the third-highest rating ever achieved in the sport. His impressive performance at the World Cup added a few more rating points to his name, reinstating him as World No. 2 and USA's top player.

In honor of this exciting partnership with a chess great like Caruana, we have selected 7 exemplary puzzles from his games. These puzzles offer you a chance to challenge your own chess skills while experiencing the game from the lens of the young chess maestro.


1. Potkin - Caruana, 2010

See the solution | Black to mate in 2 30...Qc1+ 31.Qxc1 Nb3#

Potkin - Caruana


2. Caruana - Saric, 2020

See the solution | White to win 39.Rxg5+ hxg5 40.Rxf7+ Kh6 (if 40...Kf7 then 41.Ng5 wins the queen) 41.Qh8+

Caruana - Saric


3. Neubauer - Caruana, 2008

See the solution | Black to win 21...Bxh2+ 22.Kxh2 Qh4+ 23.Kg1 Qxf2+ 24.Kh1 Qh4+ 25.Kg1 g3 and the checkmate via Qh2 is unavoidable.

Neubauer - Caruana


4. Ilincic vs Caruana, 2007

See the solution | Black to mate in 8 or less 1...Nf1 2. Kxf1  (2... Re2 leads to the longest yet an easy checkmate after Rxg1+ 3. Kxg1  Rh1+ 4. Kg2  Qh3+ 5. Kf3  Qh5+ 6. Kg2  Rg1+ 7. Kxg1  Qh2+ 8. Kxf1  Qh1#)  2…Rxg1+ 3. Kxg1  Qh3 4. f3  Qh1+ 5. Kf2  Rh2# 0-1

Ilincic vs Caruana


5. Scalcione - Caruana, 2006

See the solution | Black to win 28...Qh3 29.Ne1 Rxg2+ 30.Bxg2 f3 31.Kf1 Rxg2 32.Nxg2 Qxg2+ 33.Ke1 Qg1#

Scalcione - Caruana


6. Farago - Caruana, 2005

See the solution | Black to win 28...Qh3 threatening to take on f3. 29.bxa3 Qa2 threatening checkmate. 30.Kd1 Bf3+ 31.Qxf3 Rxf3

Farago - Caruana


7. Aronian - Caruana, 2018

See the solution | Black to win 24...Ng3+ 25.fxg3 Qxg3 26.gxf3 Rg6 27.fxe4 Qg1# or if the bishop left the f1 square to protect the back rank with rooks, then Qg2 would checkmate.

Aronian - Caruana


You can check your solution by clicking on the arrow next to "See the solution" above each chess puzzle. If you like this format, try solving more puzzles from another brand ambassador of Chessify - Anish Giri.

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