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Announcing Chessify's Cooperation with ICCF

Chessify is thrilled to announce a new exciting cooperation with the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). As part of this collaboration, Chessify will be sponsoring the ICCF Champion's League tournament and offering special benefits for correspondence chess players.


What Does This Cooperation Mean for ICCF Players?

ICCF players have always been a big part of Chessify userbase, and with this new collaboration, we aim to provide more benefits for you:


Special 20% Discount

Chessify is now offering 20% off your first purchase. Simply use the promo code "ICCF" during checkout to enjoy this exclusive discount on anything available at Chessify's pricing page.


$5,000 award package for ICCF Champion's League 

The collaboration involves sponsoring the ICCF Champion’s League tournament, with Chessify offering a $5,000 award package, distributed between the top three teams at the end of the cycle.


Access to the Most Powerful Chess Analysis

With Chessify, ICCF players gain access to the fastest cloud-based engines in the market. Our Stockfish engine can process up to 1 billion positions per second (1 BN/s speed), ensuring accurate analysis without the need for high-end hardware. We also offer several other chess engines, including asmFish, Koivisto, and Lc0.



Convenience and Mobility

Chessify's cloud-based analysis can be used in any environment. Whether you're using a phone, tablet, or laptop, you can access our fastest cloud servers from anywhere, making it easy to play correspondence chess even on the go.


Additional Features for Comprehensive Preparation

Alongside cloud analysis, Chessify's web platform offers a range of essential chess features. You may explore openings with our Mega database of over 9 million games updated weekly and enjoy unlimited cloud storage for your games and personal databases. See the full list of Chessify features.


Why Choose Chessify?

Chessify's cloud servers and engines are adaptable to various environments. You can use them directly on our website or through a plugin installed on popular GUI chess programs for Windows, including Chessbase, Fritz, SCID, Aquarium, and HIARCS.

We pride ourselves on offering the most powerful server speeds in the market, reaching up to 1000 MN/s (1BN/s). Chessify prioritizes security with SSL-certified connections and servers from trusted providers like Oracle and Google to bring you secure and private analysis.


Join Chessify's Correspondence Chess Community

Join Chessify's Discord server for quick customer support and connect with fellow chess enthusiasts. We have a dedicated channel for correspondence chess, where you can engage with colleagues and discuss your questions about Chessify.

Check out our tutorials in case you want to learn more about the Chessify website.

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