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How Chessify Became the World's Smartest Company in 2024

While our mission at Chessify is to equip chess players with the best tools for victory, we recently found ourselves on the other side of the chessboard, competing for glory. In the 2024 World Corporate Chess Championship, held from June 14-17 in New York, Chessify emerged victorious to be officially recognized by FIDE as the World's smartest company.

Chessify celebrates the win at the World Corporate Chess Championship

Photo by Rafal Oleksiewicz / FIDE

Our journey to the title began in the eleventh hour, as our team learned about the ongoing qualification stages on the last day of registration and narrowly completed the process in time to participate in our first online competition that same week. After surviving two intense online qualification stages, we became one of the eight teams worldwide to qualify for the finals in New York. Four additional teams were chosen as Wild Cards by FIDE to join us in NYC on June 15.

The list of the 12 finalists competing in New York was impressive:

  • Goldman Sachs (USA)
  • BlackRock (USA)
  • Nanjing Spark Chess Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • ChessMood Inc. (USA)
  • LLC “LC” “GRECO” (Ukraine)
  • UBS Group AG (Switzerland)
  • Chessify (USA)
  • Freedom Holding Corp. (Kazakhstan)
  • Google (USA)
  • Tengizchevroil (Kazakhstan)
  • Deutsche Bank (USA)
  • SIG (USA)


The long-awaited Championship kicked off on June 15 with the group-stage battles spanning two days, leading to the semifinals on June 17. On this fateful day, we managed to defeat the UBS team to reach the final and ultimately clinched the World Corporate Chess Championship title in a gripping match against our fellow chess company, ChessMood.

Following three exhilarating days, our team proudly lifted the winner's trophy and embraced the title of the "Smartest Company in the World." To celebrate our victory and give back to the chess community, Chessify offered $25,000 worth of Chessify package prizes for the upcoming World Rapid and Blitz Championship, scheduled to take place in New York at the end of December.

We're deeply thankful for the support from all our followers and are excited to share this unique milestone with you. As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a 25% discount sitewide using the promo code: WCCC2024.

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