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Analyze with the Newest Lc0 v0.30.0 on Chessify

The world of chess computing continues to evolve, and at Chessify, we're always at the forefront of these changes. Today, we're delighted to announce the incorporation of the Leela Chess Zero version 0.30.0 into our platform. Let's dive deeper into what this upgrade brings.


Highlighting the Features of Lc0 v0.30.0

The standout attribute of the latest Lc0 v0.30.0 is its enhanced WDL (Win/Draw/Loss) rescale/contempt.

In this release, the LCZero team has added functionality that tailors WDL predictions to specific playing conditions, thus continuing their past efforts to refine and present more realistic WDL projections.

Furthermore, the introduction of a new scoretype, "WDL_mu," aligns with the newly adopted convention where +1.00 signifies a 50% win probability for white. This alignment bridges the evaluation metrics between Lc0 and Stockfish, allowing for more direct comparability.


How to Use LCZero on Chessify

Chessify offers dedicated GPU servers with a speed of up to 100 kN/s for different networks of LCZero. The speed depends on the network size with the newer and bigger LCZero networks offering lower kN/s (around 20 kN/s) but higher-quality nodes and better evaluation overall. We have a blog post dedicated to the topic of LCZero networks specifically.

LCZero v0.30.0 on Chessify

You can use the latest LCZero v0.30.0 by registering on chessify.me/analysis. One minute of Lc0 analysis costs 10 coins - the internal currency of Chessify is equal to 10 USD cents or less if you buy a bigger number of coins and receive a bonus.

To get access to unlimited LCZero, you may subscribe to our GM yearly plan. Once subscribed to this plan, you will no longer need coins to analyze with Lc0.


We're thrilled to bring this evolution of Lc0 to our Chessify community. For those tech-savvy enthusiasts interested in the intricate details of the WDL adjustments and how the WDL_mu score operates, we recommend following LCZero's GitHub page and official website.

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