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Introducing Chessify's New Feature: Full Game Analysis with Stockfish

Introducing our latest feature that many of our users have been eagerly awaiting - Full-Game Analysis! With just one click, you can now analyze your entire game with Stockfish. This feature provides a detailed analysis of each move of the game, including mistakes and inaccuracies, along with suggestions for better alternative moves.


How to Use the Full-Game Analysis Feature

To use this feature, start by uploading your game from your device or saved PGNs, or enter it manually move by move. Once you have your game in your notation, look for the section "Analyze your full game with one click" located right below your notation.

First, click on the drop-down menu to select a depth (5, 10, 20) at which you want the game to be analyzed. Then click on the "Start" button to initiate the analysis.

The speed of the analyses depends on the depth you choose; the higher the depth, the longer the process lasts. However, you can track the analysis progress live.


Pricing - Free and Paid Options

While the depth of the engine is customizable, the NPS speed of the analysis depends on your subscription plan. In particular, you will get the following speeds depending on your subscription level:

  • - Free users - 1 MN/s speed
  • - Amateur plan - 10 MN/s speed
  • - Master and GM plan - up to 100 MN/s speed


Please note that the coin-based dedicated servers (namely, 110, 300, 700, and 1000 MN/s) are not compatible with this feature.

Important to know!! The NPS speed is not directly related to the speed at which the full game is analyzed, but rather to the number of nodes that Stockfish analyzes while considering each position and move. In simpler terms, the higher the NPS speed, the more accurate the results in terms of evaluation and suggested moves. However, it's important to note that the analysis process itself may not necessarily become faster.


Log in to your Chessify account or create a new one to try out this feature for free. Also, don't forget to join our Discord community to share your thoughts and feedback as well as suggest new features!

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