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How to Use Cloud Chess Engines on Chessify Website

The Chessify Pro online platform allows you to access the world’s most powerful cloud engines from anywhere via a web browser. Follow the video tutorial and the written instructions below to get started easier.

Sign up and get your free trial

  • - Visit and click on the "Sign Up" button on the right.
  • - Create an account manually or by using your Gmail or FaceBook profiles.
  • - Check your inbox for a confirmation email from Chessify.
  • - Click on the verification link within the email to start a free trial.


After verifying your email, you’ll see 200 coins on the top left corner of your dashboard, which you can use within 2 hours. The coins allow you to rent the paid servers and engines, the rates of which are specified beside them. You will have access to 1MN/s free server for Stockfish even after this 2-hour free trial period.

Choose a subscription plan or buy coins

After your free trial ends, you’ll need to get a subscription plan or a one-time package to continue using Chessify. From the upper panel, click on the "Buy Coins" button to go to the pricing page.

- The subscription plans come first. Use the toggle switch button above the plans to switch between monthly and yearly options. One of the biggest advantages of the subscription plans over the one-time packages is that the former gives you unlimited access to up to 100MN/s server.

- Scroll down to see the options for buying coins. Coin packages are non-recurring payments and they do not include access to the unlimited up to 100MN/s speed server. Regardless of how many coins you purchase, they are going to be valid for one year. 

So choose which pricing model suits you and click on the "Buy" button to proceed to checkout.

Need more coins?

The biggest number of coins that you can purchase from our website is 1,800,000 for $10,000. The package includes 80% bonus coins. If you’re willing to take a bigger package at once, please contact us at

We can offer you bigger bonuses for more coins if you tell us how many coins you need or how many hours on average you plan to use a specific engine and server per day/month.


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