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Difficult Chess Puzzles for Advanced Players

On the way to mastering chess, tactical intuition and pattern recognition become one of the key components to success. These skills greatly contribute to chess players' better performance. As you start improving at chess, you should also increase the difficulty level of the puzzles you solve. Below you can test yourself with our difficult puzzle collection.


1. White to move and mate in 4





2. White to move and mate in 2





3. White to move and mate in 1





4. White to move and mate in 3





5. White to move and mate in 4








1) 1. Nf5 Rf7 2. Rg4 Rf8 3. Qg7+ Qxg7 4. fxg7#

2) 1. Be4 e6 2. Qf4#

3) 1. Qe4#

4) 1. Qh1 Kxg5 2. Ng2 hxg2 3. h4#

5) 1. Qh6 Rxg3 2. Bg6 Rxg6 3. fxg6 fxg6 4. Qxf8#


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