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Mate in 3 - improve at tactics with these 10 chess puzzles

Checkmating your opponent's king is undoubtedly the most satisfying way to end a chess game. To achieve this, you need effective strategies on how to attack and win faster, especially in rapid and blitz games. While learning these strategies is important, it's equally crucial to put them into practice to improve your game.

One of the most effective ways to practice is by solving chess puzzles, which can help you develop your tactical thinking and pattern recognition. In this blog, we have compiled 10 mate-in-3 puzzles that will not only help you become better at spotting checkmates but also more opportunistic in real games. So, let's sharpen our attacking skills and learn how to win faster with these puzzles!

1. White to move



2. White to move



3. White to move



4. White to move



5. White to move



6. White to move



7. White to move



8. White to move



9. White to move



10. White to move




1) 1. Nh6 Kf4 2. Qd2+ Kg3 3. Qg5#

2) 1. Kf6 b6 2. Be5 d3 3. e4#

3) 1. Qg1 Kd5 2. Qg4 Kxc6 3. Qe6#

4) 1. Nd2 e5 2. Ne4+ Ke6 3. Ng7#

5) 1. Be7 Ke6 2. Qc4+ Ke5 3. Nf3#

6) 1. Be7 Ke6 2. Qc4+ Ke5 3. Nf3#

7) 1. c3 Nxc4 2. Bd4+ Kf4 3. Nh3#

8) 1. Bd8 Kf5 2. Ng3+ Kg4 3. Rg7#

9) 1. Ne2 Kd5 2. Qf7+ Ke5 3. d4#

10) 1. Qb8 Kc6 2. Bc4 Kc5 3. Qc7#


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