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Chessify Steps Up Its Platform with Chess-Enhanced GPT Integration.

Exciting news for our amateur users: our upcoming feature, the ChessAI Buddy, is set to be a game-changer for your training experience at Chessify. With this new update, we'll introduce an AI-assisted chess advisor capable of discussing a wide array of chess topics — from historical facts and strategy tips to detailed positional evaluations — all in a human-like manner. Such a breakthrough is made possible by leveraging Chessify's immense game data and powerful cloud engine analyses.

In simpler terms, our new addition is essentially a chess-focused GPT model that was trained by Chessify's 9 Million+ game database and engine analysis. This training enables it to understand complex engine analyses and articulate them to users in a written manner. Furthermore, it can offer unique insights into specific chess positions based on our immense game database.

Among other benefits, users can look forward to:

  • - Gaining deep insights into chess positions
  • - Engaging in Q&A sessions about chess nuances
  • - Initiating prompted discussions
  • - Enhancing their skills through a unique training approach



It is our mission at Chessify to bring state-of-the-art chess features to our users. We're confident that this new feature will substantially better your chess training experience. 

If you haven't yet subscribed to our ChessAI Buddy mailing list, now's the time to ensure you stay updated on this exciting rollout and its release date.

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