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The Biggest Online Chess Database with 9+ Million Games is Free for Chessify Users

The biggest online chess database with over 9 million games is now available on Chessify for free. We've collected professional chess games from the late 1500s to the most recent tournaments of 2022 to present you with the biggest chess database online. 

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To use a similar database on your chess GUI program, you would've needed to spend around $200, while at Chessify, you only need to create a free account. We are going to update our database weekly, so you will always have access to the latest games.

Chessify Database

If you're a chess pro, a good chess game database is a must for you. But if you're an amateur or a beginner who’s wondering what a chess database can do for you, here are some ways to benefit from it:

  • 1. Study openings variations, midgames, and endgames.
  • 2. Create a high-quality opening repertoire to play with both colors.
  • 3. Study games played by chess masters in the last 500 years.
  • 4. Search and study any game played in history.
  • 5. Find your opponents' games and prepare against them accordingly.


You can apply different filters to find the needed games: last name, first name, game result, year, and minimum Elo rating.

The database feature is still in the Beta development phase and will be improved throughout the month. We appreciate your patience and support. If you detect any kind of problems, please report them to info@chessify.me and help us improve the database faster.

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