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The Lichess Database with Over 5.2 Billion Games is Now Available for All Chessify Users

A single user's frustration over a missing feature sparked our curiosity, so we took the step of including it in our survey to assess its demand. The response was unmistakable: this was among the most sought-after additions. So today we're thrilled to share our latest update with you.

We have integrated the Lichess database, which contains over 5.2 billion games, into Chessify at no additional cost. The database is directly connected to Lichess, ensuring that any updates they make are immediately available on Chessify as well. Let's take a look at how to access this database on Chessify and make the most of its extensive resources.

Lichess DB on Chessify


How to Use the Lichess Database on Chessify

The Lichess database is conveniently housed in its own section, similar to our 9 Million game Mega database of rated tournaments. You'll find it as an adjacent tab, situated atop the notation area. Accessing the tab gives you instant access to the entirety of the Lichess database, including insight into the opening moves derived from its games. In a fashion similar to the reference tab, this one also presents various statistics related to the current position on your board, including:

  • - Moves that have been played
  • - Number of games each move appeared in
  • - The year a specific move was last played
  • - The win ratio for white, etc.


Why the Lichess Game Database is Important

In today's world, the online chess scene is more vibrant than ever. For most people, in fact, online playing platforms like Lichess and Chess.com are the only place where they can play chess. As a result, the statistics derived from these online games are invaluable for understanding current opening trends and preparing for them accordingly.

For those who play on Lichess, there's also the advantage of being able to look up and analyze your own games. For a quick assessment of where you might have gone wrong in the game, you may consider utilizing Chessify's full-game analysis feature, which is also free for everyone.

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