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Integrating the ICCF Database - Access 2M+ High-Quality Correspondence Chess Games

In late January, Chessify commenced its collaboration with the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). This alliance not only saw Chessify sponsoring the ICCF Champion's League tournament but also brought special perks for correspondence chess enthusiasts. Today, we're excited to unveil an additional benefit of this cooperative venture: the integration of the ICCF correspondence chess game database into Chessify's web platform.

Chessify already boasts the largest online game database, featuring nearly 10 million games updated weekly, along with the Lichess online game database. The addition of the ICCF's database of 2 Million+ games further enriches our platform, providing users with access to a diverse range of games and openings from various chess tournaments.

Chessify integrates the ICCF Database

Although the database is a feature of our Master plan and higher, we're excited to offer all our users the chance to explore this new addition. The database will be available for free until April 20th, after which it will remain accessible to subscribers of the Master plan and above.


What Are Correspondence Chess Games?

Correspondence chess is a form of chess played at a distance, allowing players to exchange moves over a period of days or weeks. Traditionally, this was done through the postal system, but nowadays, it is typically played via a correspondence chess server, a method also embraced by the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

Importantly, the ICCF allows the use of engines during play, which guarantees that the games are of the highest quality. Players can thoroughly analyze each move with powerful engines and often take a day for each decision, resulting in highly strategic and well-thought-out games.


How Can the ICCF Database Help You?

The exceptional quality of correspondence chess games, which comes from engine usage and extended time controls, makes them a valuable resource for professional players. These games are often used to uncover new ideas for opening and middlegame strategies. Instead of spending days analyzing their openings and searching for ways to proceed, players can refer to the correspondence chess database to discover validated ideas for their own use.


How to Use the ICCF Database on Chessify?

Accessing the new ICCF database on Chessify is straightforward. It is located alongside the Mega and Lichess databases and operates in a similar manner. The database is an addition to Chessify’s Master plan and above, however, until April 20th, you can use it for free.

If you’d like to subscribe to our Master plan, please visit chessify.me/pricing.

Correspondence Chess Game DB


At Chessify, we're dedicated to providing our users with the most powerful training tools available. With the integration of the ICCF database, we're ensuring that you have access to the highest quality resources for your game and tournament preparation. Stay informed about the latest updates and announcements by joining our Discord server and following our news page.

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