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The Latest User-Centric Upgrades on Our Website

Chessify continues its dedication to constant innovation by delivering new and enhanced features that respond to user feedback. We have introduced several long-awaited features to our website, streamlining your chess training experience even further. Let's take a closer look at these functionalities:


1. Settings

Kicking off with a new addition to our website, the Settings section forms the gateway to most of our other features. Accessible by clicking your profile icon in the top-right corner, this space allows you to customize your dashboard preferences, access comprehensive Account Settings or Billing info, reach our customer support, or log out of your account if needed.


2. New Board Themes & Pieces

As you might be aware, Chessify's website utilizes Lichess's chessboard. Initially, we incorporated a single standard board and piece theme from Lichess, but in response to popular demand, we've expanded to include all of their themes. You can select your preferred board and piece theme combination from the Account Settings mentioned above. After making your selection, your chosen themes will be automatically saved to your account.


3. Best Move Arrows

Easily our most frequently requested addition, best move arrows illustrate the moves suggested by an engine directly on the chessboard. Particularly useful for amateur and beginner players, this feature simplifies visualizing engine moves without physically executing them. If you'd rather not see the arrows, navigate to your profile icon and toggle the "Best Move Arrow" off.

best move arrows screenshot

4. Separating Engines from Full-game Analysis and DecodeChess

For a cleaner, distraction-free interface, we've divided the three analysis features into individual tabs. The default tab now displays engines only, while full-game analysis and DecodeChess each have their own distinct tabs. This layout keeps the dashboard tidy and user-friendly, eliminating feature overlap and removing the need to scroll excessively.


We hope these updates enhance your Chessify experience. To contribute to discussions of new features, request assistance, or make your own suggestions, we invite you to join our Discord server.

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