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Increasing the PGN Limit by 10X for Our Amateur Plan Subscribers

Chessify launched its Amateur plan in April 2022 to offer non-professional players a more suitable option for chess training. As this plan quickly gained popularity, we began receiving feedback and suggestions from our community. In response, today we're happy to announce that we're increasing the cloud storage limit for PGN files.

Effective immediately, all Amateur plan subscribers, both existing and new, will be able to store up to 500 PGN files of their personal games and in-depth analyses. Meanwhile, our Master (including Master combo plans) and GM plan subscribers continue to benefit from unlimited cloud storage for their games. Importantly, even if your subscription ends, your files remain safely stored on Chessify.


What is Chessify Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage makes sure that your games and important chess analysis files are safe and always within reach. By simply logging into your account on chessify.me, you can access your cloud-stored games from any device and at any time. You may also organize your files by setting up folders (similar to databases). Watch our video tutorial below to learn how to save and access PGN files on Chessify.

The Amateur plan, however, isn't just about storage. It also provides access to the largest online chess database that gets updates every week, lets you tap into unlimited 10,000 kN/s cloud analysis with Stockfish among other engines, and offers many other features. To give the Amateur plan a try without providing payment details, you can sign up here.

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