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Levon Aronian Becomes Chessify's Ambassador

"The year 2018 started unexpectedly bad for my chess career since the Candidates Tournament turned out to be a total disaster. After the World Championship Match between Carlsen and Caruana, I started once again wondering what it is that I am doing wrong. Do I work too little? Maybe. Do I work on the wrong things? Also, possible. Why don't I understand the opening choices of some of my colleagues?

Many of those questions were valid but the main issue was not in my occasional laziness or loss of motivation, no. The main issue was that my technical knowledge about computers was 2-3 years behind when compared with my colleagues," - Levon Aronian.

GM Levon Aronian

Levon Aronian is one of the classiest grandmasters of modern chess. An absolute fan favorite, he's been named David Beckham of chess because of his popularity. For more than a decade, his name has not left the top players list as he continued competing at the elite level. For a chess fan, it's hard to imagine that a grandmaster of Aronian's level can have uncertainties in his career, but like every master of their field, Levon too had to reassess his training methods and approach.

"In 2019 my cooperation with Chessify started and I could immediately see what having a powerful server can do to one's confidence. It also saved me a lot of time, since I could analyze the same position using two powerful and different engines without fearing that it would burn my laptop down," - Aronian recalled.

Early in 2019, Chessify was just starting to gain the attention of grandmasters. When Aronian joined us and started to train on the Chessify cloud platform, our team's motivation went sky-high. We were excited to have one of the best players use our service for his tournament preparation.

Aronian was one of those rarest customers who helped make our service better. Our knowledge and understanding of chess engine analysis have grown through our collaboration with Levon, and we managed to better accustom our platform to the needs of professional chess players.

We're proud that after several years of training with Chessify, Levon decided to become our official Ambassador!

"I can confidently say that Chessify is one of the tools that revived my career after a rough patch. I use their servers every day and enjoy playing around with different setups for Artificial intelligence engines. Knowing that the Chessify team is within a call or an email that gets answered immediately I can safely concentrate on my chess journey," - Levon Aronian.


About Chessify

Chessify is a powerful cloud platform for chess analyses. We offer the fastest and most secure cloud servers for a variety of chess engines: up to 1 BN/s for Stockfish, 100 kN/s LCZero, and up to 130 MN/s for asmFish, SugaR, Berserk, Koivisto, and RubiChess.

Our cloud engine analysis can be accessed directly on the chessify.me website or through 3rd-party GUI chess programs like ChessBase and Hiarcs if you install our plugin. The website users have the benefit of accessing our cloud analysis from any device using minimal hardware resources.


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