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Top 4 Positions From Magnus Carlsen's World Championship Matches

On November 30, 2016, Magnus Carlsen celebrated his birthday by playing tie-breaks against Sergej Karjakin. That day he made a gift for himself and defended his world championship title.

The Norwegian world champion, however,  has recently vacated his title. During the Lex Fridman podcast, he noted that he never had any thoughts about keeping the title for a long time. So the World No. 1 may never play in championship matches again. That's why we decided to collect the best puzzles from his previous championship matches in celebration of his 32nd birthday.


1. Anand vs Carlsen, World Championship 2013

Anand's last move was Rf4 threatening Rh4 followed by Qh7 checkmate. Although black can promote to queen immediately, they have to think of a way to defend against Anand's mating attack. 

Black to win (by finding a defense against white's mating plan)


2. Karjakin vs Carlsen, World Championship 2016

Engines may not suggest the move that Carlsen made here, but it is absolutely beautiful. Magnus made a positional sacrifice to open up the game and quickly invade the opponent's territory. Can you find the move?

Black to move. First, find the move and then play the video to see how the game went.


3. Caruana vs Carlsen, World Championship 2018

26. c7 was the losing mistake by Caruana. The white king is still in the center which allows black to play more aggressively. Can you why black can take the c7 pawn?

Black to move


4. Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, World Championship 2021

Ian played 23. g3 here attacking Magnus' rook, but it wasn't going to stop the world champ's attack. How would you continue the game?

Black to move


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